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Dental Services in North York: 7 Tips for Finding Your Best Option

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finding best dental services in North York

Did you know that only around 80 percent of Canadians have a dentist? Preventative dental care is one of the best ways to prevent oral health problems and dental emergencies.

If you don’t have a dentist, it’s time to find one. But with the cost of dental care, how do you find a provider you can afford and who gives you the quality of care you want and need?

Finding dental services in Canada will be a breeze in no time; keep reading for the tips you need.

1. Ask About Payment Options and Insurance

If you have dental insurance, it’s important to find a dentist who accepts your insurance. This will help reduce what you pay out of pocket and help alleviate the stress of dental costs.

If you don’t have insurance, talk to the dentist you’re considering about payment options. Some dental offices have payment plans or will accept forms of payment like the Dentalcard. Dentalcard is a Canadian company that provides financing for dental procedures not covered by insurance.

2. Look for Reviews

If you’re avoiding going to the dentist because of fear, it’s time to start reading reviews. One survey looked at Canadians with a fear of dental treatment and found that 49.2 percent of them had avoided an appointment at some point out of fear.

Fear of the dentist isn’t as uncommon as you think, and even if your fear isn’t enough to keep you from going, it can make it difficult. Choosing a dentist that you’re comfortable with and that can put you at ease is imperative.

Take the time to talk to friends and family about the dentist they see. In addition, read reviews. Often you can see the type of experience patients have with a dentist through the reviews.

This can give you insight and help calm your fears. In addition, you can get to know your dentist before you even meet them through information found in online articles and reviews.

3. Find Out What Services They Offer

Not all dentists offer the same services. If you need something specific, you need to ensure that the provider you choose offers the services you need.

However, if you’re just looking for a general dentist, you still need to check their services. For example, if you need a tooth extraction, can they do that? Or do they just focus on teeth cleanings and fillings?

In addition, not every dentist offers sedation dentistry. Talk to the dentist you’re considering about what your options for sedation are if you need a root canal or extraction.

While it’s not always necessary, if you need some type of sedation to get through those procedures, it’s important to know that it’s available.

Finally, it’s also a good idea to find a dentist that offers both preventative care and emergency appointments. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to see a dentist quickly, it’s better to have the ability to call your dentist instead of spending extra to go to an ER or stressing about finding another dentist for emergencies.

4. Find Out What Age Range They Serve

If you’re looking for a dentist for your children, you don’t want to take them to a dentist who only sees adults. Pediatric dentists understand the unique needs of your tiny humans, and they also have the setup to care for them properly.

If you feel more comfortable taking the whole family to the same practice, it’s important to find a provider who sees adults and children.

5. Consider the Location

If you go to school, work, and live on the same side of town, do you really want to drive a few towns over for a dental appointment? Sometimes the answer is yes, especially if it’s a quality dental clinic.

However, if you can find a quality dental clinic near you, that’s better. Consider how far you’re willing to travel for your appointments and look for dental offices within that vicinity.

Don’t let the stress of a long drive make you dread your next dental visit. Start by searching for a dentist near me, and then narrow down your search from there.

6. Check Availability

Have you ever called a doctor’s office only to be told they are scheduling several weeks or even months out? When you have an immediate need, that just doesn’t work.

It’s important to check the hours and availability of the practice. Do they keep a certain number of same-day appointments for emergencies? How far out are they scheduling for regular procedures?

Are they even accepting new patients? What about their hours? Can you make it in for a dental visit during the days and hours they’re open?

These are all important questions to ask when you’re choosing a dental provider.

7. Friendly and Professional Team

The dentist you choose matters. They can help you feel at ease and make your dental procedure less stressful. However, the team that surrounds them is just as important.

Your dental hygienist, the receptionist, and every person you come into contact with will make or break your experience when you visit the dentist. When you’re looking into a dental care practice, don’t just read about the dentist; find the information about the team that surrounds them.

Ensure that they’re friendly and professional and will make you their number one priority.

Find Dental Services That Put You First

Finding the right dental services can help put you at ease and ensure you get the best care possible. It’s not always easy to find the provider you want, but it’s worth the time and effort for your health.

Are you looking for quality dental services in North York? Book an appointment with DentalX today, and find out why you’ll leave our office smiling.