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7 Signs You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

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signs you need to remove wisdom teeth

Are you currently experiencing pain in the back of your mouth? If so, this could be a sign that your so-called wisdom teeth are starting to come in.

Some people’s wisdom teeth will come in without any issues. They’ll have enough room in their mouths to accommodate them and won’t need to worry about having wisdom teeth removal done.

But other people don’t have the space for even a single wisdom tooth. As a result, they’ll start to experience pain when their wisdom teeth come in at some point, and it’ll necessitate the need for dental surgery in the form of a wisdom teeth removal procedure.

Pain is typically one of the first signs that you’ll need to have your wisdom teeth taken out. But there are also a whole host of other signs that will suggest it’s time to have them removed.

Here are seven other signs that will show you should speak with your dentist about having your wisdom teeth removed.

1. Your Gums Are Inflamed on a Regular Basis

If your wisdom teeth are either coming in or even just on the verge of coming in, it’s going to take a big toll on your gums. Your gums will begin to become inflamed because of your wisdom teeth.

At first, you might only feel a little bit of discomfort in your gums. But eventually, your gums will start to swell up and be very tender. This will be a pretty clear-cut sign that you will need to do something about your wisdom teeth.

Outside of the fact that swollen gums will hurt, they’ll also make it challenging to brush your teeth and get them clean. This lack of dental care could cause even more problems down the line.

2. Your Gums Are Bleeding All the Time

Are your gums bleeding when you brush them? This could be a sign of gingivitis, which is a form of gum disease that you’ll want to have treated ASAP before it gets any worse.

You should, however, pay close attention to where exactly your gums are bleeding. Because if your gums are bleeding toward the back of your mouth, that could be another sign that you may need to have wisdom teeth removal done.

3. Your Mouth Has Cysts Growing in It

If you suspect that your wisdom teeth might need to be removed and you don’t do anything about it, you may have to deal with more than just sore, bleeding gums. There is also a chance that cysts may start to develop in your mouth.

Cysts are small sacs with fluid in them, and while they might not hurt too much right away, they can eventually become very painful. They can also cause complications for your mouth and jaw and result in you dealing with more pain than you should have to when your wisdom teeth start to come in.

You will want to discuss these cysts with your dentist immediately. They will typically recommend having both the cysts and your wisdom teeth removed right away.

4. You Always Get Headaches and/or Earaches

Your wisdom teeth can wreak havoc on more than just your mouth if they start to come in and you don’t do anything about them. They can also cause you to suffer from headaches and even earaches on a consistent basis.

If you’ve been dealing with your fair share of headaches and/or earaches lately, they could be caused by something else. But before you assume that you need to take a trip to see your doctor, you might want to give your dentist a call to see if your wisdom teeth could be causing your headaches and/or earaches. They could very well be the culprit behind them.

5. Your Jaw Is Stiff and Making It Hard to Open and Close Your Mouth

One of the big problems with wisdom teeth is that they don’t always come in straight like your other teeth did when they first emerged. If this happens, it can result in serious jaw stiffness that will make it almost impossible for you to open and close your mouth.

In addition to forcing you to live with a lot of pain, this scenario will also lead to jaw misalignment in many cases that can cause many other dental and health issues. This is another instance in which you’ll want to make an appointment with your dentist as soon as you can.

6. You Feel Pressure on Your Sinuses

You need to worry about more than just your actual wisdom teeth when they begin to come in. You also need to be concerned about what’s going on underneath the surface as these wisdom teeth will have roots that will grow up into your upper jaw and possibly put pressure on your sinuses.

If this happens to you, the pressure will be uncomfortable at best. It might also lead to headaches, congestion, and sinus pain that will become unbearable at times. You may need to look into the possibility of scheduling wisdom teeth extraction.

7. Your Teeth Are Starting to Look Crooked and Cramped

If nothing else, your wisdom teeth can cause overcrowding to take place in your mouth. There won’t always be enough room for them, and this can start to knock some of your other teeth out of place and result in them looking crooked and cramped.

You won’t want to show off your smile very often when you have a problem like this going on. It’s one more sign that will show that it’s time to talk to your dentist about having your wisdom teeth removed.

Contact Us If You’re Having Problems with Your Wisdom Teeth

If you’ve spotted any of these signs in recent days or weeks, you shouldn’t hesitate to see a one of our North York dentists to find out if wisdom teeth extraction might be able to benefit you. The quicker you’re able to see a dentist, the sooner you’ll be able to figure out what to do about your wisdom tooth issues.

We can set you up with the wisdom teeth removal services that you need. We can also lend a hand with many other aspects of dental care.

Reach out to us today to make an appointment to see a dentist about your wisdom teeth.