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Tips for Keeping Smiles Healthy at Halloween

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It’s hard to believe, but Halloween is already here. Children all over North America will be dressing up and heading door-to-door to collect treats from their neighbours. For a child it’s a fun an exciting holiday, getting to wear a costume and receive free candy! And while it’s fun for parents as well,  it can also create some concern. How do you allow your child to enjoy their Halloween without worrying about the dental health risks?


We have some tips to ensure that your kids make the most of their Halloween, while keeping up their dental routine and staying cavity-free:

  • Make sure that they continue to brush their teeth before bedtime. This is most important when Halloween candy is involved, as you want the sugars to be brushed away so they won’t sit on the teeth overnight.
  • Keep up with daily flossing. While brushing is effective for little ones, flossing is important to clean between their teeth and avoid gum disease.
  • Allow your children to eat only a piece or two of candy at a time. To avoid sugar overload, on the teeth and otherwise, keeping the Halloween loot as a special treat will also make the candy last longer.
  • Ensure that they are not chomping down on hard candies, as this can break or damage a tooth.
  • Keep the healthy snacks in rotation. Even though your kids have all these wonderful treats, it’s still important to keep fruits and vegetables in the mix. Not only are these healthy overall, they also help to clean teeth and neutralize harmful bacteria.

With these tips, you can keep you children’s teeth healthy while they enjoy their trick-or-treat goodies. Happy Halloween, everyone!