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Oh Canada! magazine published an article on the Business of Dental Hygiene in their 2016 Fall/Winter issue.  The article was written by Anaida Deti of DentalX in North York, Toronto.

The transcript of the article reads:

DentalX: A New Beginning and an Oral Health Improvement for People in the Toronto Area.

As a previous business owner, I knew that it wouldn’t be easy to get started.  First, and foremost, you need a vision to work towards; my vision has brought me to where I am today: the chief executive officer of DentalX.  DentalX is a new beginning, an improvement for the future of all our clients here in the Toronto area.

Location, location, location! Getting to know the demographics of your location is important. For example, you need to be aware of the population size, surrounding neighbourhoods, average household size and average household income, and how many schools are within a 1 km radius in order to predict potential growth. Your business will grow and stabilize when the community you choose is developing fast, in turn increasing the potential demand for dental treatment.

In addition, if you are the only dental hygiene office in your area, you’ll enjoy the added advantage of gaining clientele without competing with other offices.

Advertising is another important factor for the success of a new growing business. There are different ways to get your name known and develop a brand; you as the owner must be willing to try new things. A business website, flyers, a grand opening event, promotions, Google, and a referral program all help, and raffles for the community are all a great way to get to know and interact with the community around you. Hard work goes a long way – countless hours, late evenings, and busy weekends. You really have to be dedicated to your overall goal and see beyond it. I’m always thinking of the next step for growth.

My family has helped me immensely along my journey, so I encourage you to get all the help you can get. Family is usually the best help. Be prepared, have realistic expectations and know that your business may be very slow for the first few months or even a year but be patient. Starting a business is very hard but if you really want something you can do it. Nothing is impossible.

Having a great staff is essential for maximum success. You team of dedicated dental professional who believe in optimal oral health is a huge asset to your business. Clients will be comfortable and trust in you when they have confidence in your team. As the owner you will be at ease knowing that you are providing excellent client care.

My main goal for the next two years of operation is to build up our clientele and keep up to date with the newest dental technologies for our clients. DentalX provides high quality dental hygiene care and preventative services at affordable prices with convenient hours for our clients. What keeps me going is the passion I have for the profession of dental hygiene. There is nothing more fulfilling than helping people with their oral health and making them smile.